FOG-FSG - RC Firing Systems | Overview

Next Generation Radio-controlled Initiation System
FOG-FSG is a fully compatible family of sophisticated radio-controlled initiation systems with full two-way-communication comprising a new technology thus representing the next generation of advanced initiation for explosive charges, pyrotechnics or other equipment.
It is characterized by its easy, intuitive and fast handling. Possible applications are:
> Special Operations
> Breaching
> Improvised Explosive Device Disposal
> Explosive Ordnance Disposal
> Demolition
> Distraction charges
> Operations on land and on sea


Size and Accessories
For Special Operations there are very small Transmitter- and Receiver- Units available, which in spite of the size provide the full range of capabilities and safety.
Furthermore the systems comprises accessories for particular applications such as:
> Various shock tube adapters
> Swimmer units for use on open sea
> A range of special antennas
> Hard cases and
> Customized pouches.


Features include
> Two-Way-Communication with comprehensive answer back functionality
> Therefore full process control at any time
> Up to 4 (+4) or 8 (+8) channels/receivers per transmitter
> Each channel individually and collectively RC-queryable and settable
> Unique BAM-(GE) + SUVA-(CH) Type Approval for certified safety + reliability
> Colour Display with adjustable brightness to provide a full status overview
> Coded communicationand hardware Security Key for maximum safety
> RC-programmable delay periods - separately for each channel/receiver
> Exceptional operating periods (e.g. receiver up to 14 days in stand-by)
> Highly un-sensitive detonator (Class 4) capability (optional)
> Shock-Tube initiation (optional)


Handling and Safety
The handling of the system is very intuitive and requires only a few steps to get ready and fire - if required withing seconds. To fire the system, the security key must be plugged and two buttons have to be pressed at the same time. If the security key is pulled out, the entire system immediately changes to the secure mode including the remore receivers thus providing a maximum amount of safety.
The large, dimmable colour display shows all relevant transmitter, receiver and firing channel data in a well arranged manner whereas different status information is colourcoded for qzuicker reception and understanding. For more details see: ... Display


ON/OFF.: Switching the Tx on and off
MODE.....: Changing the Mode
OHM.......: Measuring the resistance of a channel
SCAN......: Measuring the signal quality, status and battery of RXs
SET.........: Setting the delay time for a pre-selected channel
+.............: Plus
-..............: Minus
ALL..........: Pre-selection of all channels
HOT.........: FIRE all or selected channel (with ALL or Kx-button pressed)
K1 to 4/8: Pre-selection of a specific channel


More information

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General information

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